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The Babalola Home

“Nathan and Heidi Graben are simply amazing. I am so glad I chose them as my builder. Everyone told me how awful building a house would be and how difficult working with a builder would be, that wasn’t the case with them. They held my hand throughout the entire process and made me feel so comfortable with my choices. Not only do you get a great builder with  Nathan, but you also get a masterful designer in Heidi; these are the best duo you want when you’re building your dream home. The result is a quality custom home, trust their process. I would 100% recommend them for  anyone thinking of building a home.”  

Dr. Mariani Babalola

We always love bringing our client’s visions to life. There is nothing more exciting than taking someone’s property dream and making it a reality. This is something that we were able to achieve with the Babalola Home, and our client was more than happy with the results! Take a look at the photos to see this property in full.

Interior Design comes with every Graben Home.
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The Babalola Home: An architectural work of art

We always start every project by getting to know our client’s vision. It is so important to be on the same page, and we view building a property as a real collaborative effort, so this was a critical part of the process. Once the plans were signed off on, we got to work on making them a reality. From sourcing the best materials to adding the intricate detailing, we made sure that every element of the property was completed to perfection.  We ensured to communicate with the client regularly throughout regarding the progress of the build too.

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