Our Client's


"We selected Graben Construction because it was a package deal, a great builder and an awesome interior designer. Heidi helped me select all of the lighting, flooring, granite and marble counters, hardware and colors, as well as designed all the stone and marble designs and the abundant custom cabinetry. Thank you, Nathan and Heidi, our home has truly exceeded our expectations!"
- Mike and Tomi Selby
“Can’t thank you enough for my beautiful new home. It is even more beautiful than I ever hoped it would be. You paid excellent attention to details, which really shows in the fine finishes. I would recommend you to everyone and anyone. You have excellent patience. You and Heidi make a great “Graben Construction” team. Thanks.”
- Dr. David Dietrich and Wife, Colleen
“Nathan did everything we asked for. You can’t ask for more than that.”
- Fred Turner, Attorney and Wife, Mary
“The best builder!”
- Gerald and Mary Wareing
“Nathan is so precise, so organized, there are no surprises.”
- Judge Michael Overstreet and Wife, Paula
“Our home exceeds our wildest dreams. They have built a masterpiece. Nathan and Heidi were both actively involved in every detail of our home and it shows in the final product. Our building experience with both Nathan and Heidi has been stress free and was a true pleasure. We would highly recommend Graben Construction, Inc. to anyone who is interested in a quality built home.”
- Theodore and Sophia Lubinsky
“Everything looks wonderful!! You just keep getting better and better each week. Can’t wait to see it all in person. You’re the best! Great Job! Keep up the good work. Appreciate those weekly emails, makes all the difference! Our new home is just beautiful thanks to both of you and all your hard work and special attention to details. We not only got a beautiful home, but a new friendship as well.”
- Larry and Linda Fletcher
"I have long been an admirer of Nathan's works and your skills. The houses I've seen the two of you build truly stand apart from the rest in this area. They are more than houses, they are amazing homes that make one feel in awe and at ease the very minute the front door is open. Grand in every sense of the word! Every time we step into a Graben home during the Parade of Homes, my wife and I look at each other and wish we were proud owners of such a warm and magnificent place. We can truly feel the labor of love and sense the passion that you and Nathan put into each of your homes. We would be absolutely delighted if you can build our home and punctuate the achievement of our American dream, owning a home for the very first time!"
- Dr. Huan Vu