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So, you have decided that the time has come to build a new home? Perhaps you are in the process of looking for your first house? No matter what applies, it goes without saying that purchasing a property is something that requires a lot of consideration.  There are so many different options to choose from, and you have everything from your budget to the location to take into account.

Location matters! Do you want to be near the “World’s Most Beautiful” Beaches, near your work, school, marinas, and great restaurants? Do you enjoy the outdoors,  shopping, or walks in the parks? With so many unique places you can call home along the gulf coast the options are endless! So pick a property and let’s start the designing process to build that beautiful dream home!  

As you can see, there are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying a newly build property. If you follow the advice that has been presented above, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect new build for you while ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Inlet Beach

Often referred to as the most authentic part of Old Florida, Inlet Beach in the south of Walton County is the perfect destination for anyone wanting a slice of the quiet life while still enjoying everything the 30A Florida stretch has to offer. Whether building a home to start a family away from city dangers or a property to spend your retirement, Graben home builders are here to turn your dream into a reality.

Rosemary Beach

Peaceful yet energetic, Rosemary Beach’s 107-acre beach front community is one of the Scenic Highway’s hottest places to live. Beaches, restaurants, shops, and amenities are all within walking – or cycling – distance while waking up to views of the Emerald Coast ensures that every day starts right. When searching for a 30A custom home builder in Rosemary Beach, Graben is the answer. Dutch West Indies-style houses are a firm favorite.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach is heralded for its stunning architecture that emulates the glorious white houses of Bermuda. The majority of the town’s properties are custom villas and Graben home builders can help you add yours. It is one of the most iconic parts of the region and a 30A custom home builder will help you learn how idyllic life in the 158-acre town can truly be. Tennis, parks, and nature reserves are just some of the amenities.


Found hidden away between Rosemary Beach and Seagrove Beach, Seacrest is even more peaceful than the 30A Florida as a whole. Its growing popularity makes it a fantastic investment opportunity too, which is something Graben 30A custom home builder services can help you unlock. This area is particularly popular with fishing enthusiasts and fans of high-end spas or dining.


WasterSound is blessed with a thriving community of people living in cottages and high-end condos. A 30A custom home builder can help you design and build a dream home that stands out for all the reasons. From your perfect property, you’ll see the Emerald Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and stunning dunes. Trails, golf courses, spas, and pedestrian walkways are just some of the features of the region. A relaxed yet enjoyable lifestyle is assured.


Seagrove Beach is found on the northwest of the Emerald Coast and is best known for the pine trees it takes its name from. It is one of the more affordable stretches in the 30A region, and Graben custom home builders can help you build a new cottage or emulate the traditional Floridian housesteads. Either way, the calming surroundings of the state parks and state forests will set the tone for life in Seagrove.


Seaside is a relatively new community that was only founded in 1985. Since then, it has become one of the most popular parts of Florida thanks to a combination of tranquil natural surroundings and diverse shopping and activities on offer. Given that no two homes in the area are permitted to be the same, using a 30A custom home builder to create your unique dream home is essential. The Graben Homes team is here to help.


WaterColor combines relaxed lifestyles vibes with active lifestyles, making it a firm favorite with couples and seniors alike. A plethora of sporting activities can be enjoyed, including swimming and tennis, while luxury restaurants and eateries are readily available. The area has a mix of permanent and vacation homes. Graben will use its expertise in 30A custom home builder services to ensure you gain the best it has to offer.

Grayton Beach

The tiny beach town of Grayton Beach makes a big sound thanks to the authentic architecture that embraces the sea-weathered elements. The village atmosphere is highlighted by the fact that there are only a handful of shops. Activities are largely focused on enjoying nearby nature and the beautiful horizons from the coastline. If that sounds like a way of living that you can buy into, our custom home builders can make it happen.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Beach is best known for the lupine flowers it gets its name from. Beach bungalows and condos are both popular in this part of Florida. The location itself delivers a relaxed vibe while being just 13 miles from the much livelier Destin. Our custom home builders will help you embrace the relaxed and leisurely lifestyle with a home befitting the beautiful surroundings.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa’s protected natural surroundings and community atmosphere create a wonderful way of life that also heavily focuses on boating, the lakes, and the sea. Custom house prices are a lot cheaper if you move away from the waterfront. The architectural flexibility ensures that you can create a home that’s perfectly matched to your new lifestyle. With our custom builders on your side, doing it on time and budget becomes easy.

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