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The Selby Residence

“We selected Graben Construction because it was a package deal, a great  builder and an awesome interior designer. Heidi helped me select all of the  lighting, flooring, granite and marble counters, hardware and colors, as well as  designed all the stone and marble designs and the abundant custom  cabinetry.

Thank you, Nathan and Heidi, our home has truly exceeded our expectations!”
– Mike and Tomi Selby

build a dream custom home

When the Selby’s approached the team at Graben Homes, they knew they wanted to use  classical lines, incorporate natural materials, and leverage the beauty of the nearby sea. But  they did not know how amazing their dream home would have taken shape. 

At Graben Homes, we are experts at visualizing your dreams and thoughts – and bringing  them to life. We have done nothing different for what is today the stunning Selby Home in  Panama City Beach, FL. 

Classically Sumptuous Interiors

Walking into the Selby Home, you could feel like being in a royal palace. You can notice  classical white-marble columns, marble floors, and exclusive pieces of art lining the walls. 

The internal decor is the perfect combination of natural materials such as wood, metal, gold,  and stone. All this, crowned by breathtaking views of the sea. This ultimate background is  visible from most points in the house, thanks to the sea view private rooms, the 24ft sliding  glass pocket doors that seamlessly connect the living room and the patio, and a private  solarium that overlooks the sea. 

A Home Married to The Sea

Approaching the Selby Home, it does not take long to build on Mediterranean lines and  tones – but with a modern twist. The residence is crowned by a towering majestic palm trees,  and the off-white exteriors contrast with the blue background.

Throughout, open arches, courtyards, windows, and open outdoor spaces allow everyone in  the house to enjoy stunning views while also benefiting from total privacy. 

Where Luxury And Feelings Mix

The Selby Home is undeniably modern and luxurious – but it is also welcoming, warm, and  lived-in. The outside orchard, which has been incorporated in honor of Mr. Selby’s  grandmother, completes the house with lemon, orange, lime, pomegranate, plum, and peach  trees. At the end of the project the Selby’s said they would never have gotten the  creativeness and “one of a kind” uniqueness from any national home building chain. Graben  Homes excels in making your home unique and that special “one of a kind!” 

If you are looking to build your dream home and create a sanctuary for your past and future  history, Graben Homes are the best builders in Panama City Beach, FL, to partner with.