How to Build a Home

Our Process

When it comes to building your home, you have lots of questions. How long does it take? How do I get started? What do I need to do?

At Graben Homes, we can help. Our process is straightforward.


Step 1: Let’s talk

Do you have property, or do you need to find one? Do you already have home plans, or do you want to custom design one just for you?


Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

By phone, email, or video chat, or better yet, please make an appointment to discuss here in person right here in our office.


Step 3: We Meet

When you come to the initial meeting, bring any ideas, pictures, etc., and your list of questions to ask. We will answer and advise you as to the next step.

Step 4: The Plans

Great! So you’re ready to get started. We will move you in the right direction and, if needed, get started with the architect to begin the home plan drawing and designing stage.

Throughout this process, we continue to communicate with you. Our team combines the knowledge and expertise of the builder, designer, and architect to design the perfect home for you.

Step 5: The Cost

There are two ways to price your new home; the“cost-plus” method or the “stipulated sum” method. What’s the difference? The “cost-plus” approach is an educated guess and does not accurately reflect the actual cost to build your home. Homeowners often prefer the “stipulated sum” method, which reflects more accurately the actual costs. You will usually be given a “stipulated sum” price for the cost of building your new home. This is a total price; no surprise, hidden costs that you won’t know about ahead of time when possible.

How to Build a Home Graben Homes

Step 6: Let’s Build!

The building contract is signed, and construction begins! This is where the fun starts. Your new home begins to take shape. Our design team works with you every step of the way to help you to choose the wood, tile, marble flooring, paint colors, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, roof color, pavers, cabinet, and granite selections, and much more so that all blends and is in harmony. This is where your true personality and lifestyle can shine through!

Step 7: Move-in Day!

The day has come, and your dream home is a reality. You love it! This is where you will make many happy memories! And no worries, your team at Graben Homes is here to answer any questions after the fact. With the proper maintenance, your new home will give you many years of enjoyment.