November 24, 2022

What Factors Should You Consider When Building a Custom Home in Florida?

Are you excited about your new custom home in Florida? It is indeed a great feeling to build a livable piece of art as a lot of investment, and emotions are involved with it. However, the stories of project failures resulting in financial loss are scary, isn’t it? With a reliable general contractor by your side for the new construction of homes in Panama City, FL, you don’t need to worry. These professionals will make it easy for you to build your ideal home from scratch. Furthermore, you must check out the important point listed below to make your home-building process seamless. 

  • Consider the Location 

Florida is a low-elevation state which makes it prone to flooding. But fret not. You can still live safely in Florida. Make sure the house is aligned with sea level, as authorities are strict about it. The first floor of the house should be at the sea-level. Also, the flood zone differs, so it is advised to consult the local authorities to learn more about your area’s flood zone. The contractors are also familiar with the flood zone level of every area so you can take their guidance.

  • Best Time for Building a Home

 Although the climate is mild year-round in Florida, June to November is the hurricane season. So, if possible, you can postpone your construction project until the end of November to avoid problems. Apart from the weather, the other factors that can affect the timing of your project include the availability of materials or the size of the project. You can consider taking help from a custom home builder to choose the best time for building your house. 

  • Custom Home Building Styles in Florida

When building a custom home in Florida, choosing the right architectural style is important. Choose a design for curb appeal as well as functionality. Some of the popular styles are –

  • Mediterranean Style: The Mediterranean style features arched doors and windows, low-pitched roofs, and iron-wrought railings and fixtures. This design’s unique stucco and tiles keep your home cooler in the summer and maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning.
  • Spanish Style: Although it is similar to the Mediterranean style, earth-toned terracotta tiles with bold splashes of color are used in the Spanish style. Spanish-style homes also have small, narrow balconies for upper-story windows.
  • Modern Contemporary Style: The modern style is known for its thin, clean lines and the use of natural light. The open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling windows in this design give a feeling of brightness to the space. 
  • Ranch Style: The ranch style is popular across the country. In this style, everything is arranged on the main floor with the garage at the end. Wide windows are also used in this style to create a panoramic view. 
  • Sunshine State 

The climatic condition of a place plays an important role in the construction of the building. Florida is known as the sunshine state because of the abundance of sunlight and warm temperature. These factors make Florida a great place to live but at the same time, make sure that your home’s design should be according to the climate. The house should have airways that reduce the indoor temperature and insulation, which will prevent the heat from entering your home. In addition, you can take benefit of natural light to save money on your electricity bills. 

  • Choose a Licensed Contractor 

Last but not least, you should be careful and vigilant while choosing a contractor. The state laws of Florida are strict in regulating home builders. Make sure the contractor you choose is licensed, and even you can visit the local municipality to check if your contractor is licensed or not. It is important for the contractor to have a license even for fixing doors and or aesthetic upgrades. 

Wrapping Up 

Now that you are familiar with the important factors you should consider before building your house keep these points in your mind. Moreover, you can contact a reputed firm like Graben Homes to hire general contractors in Panama City, FloridaOur houses are built to last a lifetime, and we encompass our client’s personalitiesin every projectContact us at 850 235 3245 to learn more about our services.