October 6, 2022

10 Steps to Follow When Building Your Perfect Home

Building a house from scratch in Florida is not always a cakewalk; it requires preparation, budget, planning, and a series of steps for the project to be successful. Even so, Graben Construction can’t ignore this goal and, rather, verify the different stages to building a perfect house, starting from the initial idea and projecting it towards the home of our dream, making them the best builder in Florida.

In this blog, we will tell you about 10 things to keep in mind when starting to build your dream home.

  1. Get professional assistance

The first step is to contact an expert architect with whom you can discuss the project’s particularities. This includes things like what type of home you want to build and what is the preferred design as a guide.

Talk to the best architect who can combine the observations as mentioned earlier to start designing a comfortable house according to the number of residents. Graben Construction is one of the best home builders in Panama City beach Florida and helped many individuals to bring their ideas into reality.

  1. Finding the right plot

IF you own land, you have the choice of the process of building a new house completed. If you don’t own a plot, buy one with the guidance of an architect. Consider the factors like sufficient air intake, natural light, and nearby urban planning areas.

  1. Previous studies of the plot

Carry out a topographical study of the plot with the help of a topographer. He will examine the even or unevenness, total measurements, resistance, composition, and additional elements.

  1. Technical aspects of the design

Again, the architect will help you prepare the basic and executive project documents. The basic project contains the plan and description of work to obtain a major works license. The executive project includes detailed information on the size of the work, materials to be used, and measurements.

  1. The direction of the work

In this step, a quantity surveyor will be in charge in control to build a new home and everything in terms of quality and safety.

  1. Select the builder | Home Builders in Panama City beach Florida

This step is crucial; it involves hiring a team of builders or a company dedicated to the construction of works for the project.

Count on the best decision considering the experience, references, and advice that a company can provide if you wish to build a perfect house. At Graben Construction, a company specializing in integral works, design, and reforms, Graben provides a multidisciplinary team that makes it the best builder in Florida.

  1. Manage basic services

Ensure that the documents to start are in order, as well as the supplies and basic services such as water and electricity.

  1. Start the work

The construction team will be formed at this stage, and each member will know their duties.

The architect and professional quantity survey manager will visit the work periodically to verify that it is carried out according to the client’s specifications.

  1. Completion of construction

At this step, the construction company and architect will deliver the final work to the owner. The next work will be to review the physical conditions of the plot and that the house follows safety and legal guidelines. After a green signal, the professionals will be able to sign the final work document and a count of the property’s guarantees. 

  1. Declaration of the new construction

To finish the project, the certificate of occupancy, first occupation license, energy certificate, and registration documents will be managed with the final work document. 

We hope we have clarified your doubts if you are determined to build a perfect house from scratch, but if you are still not sure, we invite you to visit our website at www.grabenhomes.com or call us on 850.235.3245