August 25, 2021

How Much does it Cost to Build a Home?

For most people, building their own home is the dream! What could be better than having a  property that is built exactly to your specifications? You don’t have to make some other place  your own; you get to make your own dream home from scratch. So, let’s take a look at some  helpful tips for custom home building success…  

The little details do matter – What really distinguishes a custom built home from other new  builds is the small details. If you think about these details in time, they can be incorporated with  no significant added cost. For example, adding wall niches or shelves in between studs can add  interest and functionality to a home. Do you want smart home technology? The team at  Graben Homes think about and suggest these large and small detail elements that can enhance  your new home. 

Take your time to choose the best architect for the job – When building your own home, the  most important part of the process is choosing an architect. Take the time to research the  architects that are available so you can narrow down your search effectively. Assess their  credentials and the years they have been in the industry. You also need to look at the work they  have done so far so you can determine whether it is similar to the sort of building you are aiming  for. Aside from this, read feedback on independent review websites so you can gain an objective  opinion on their services and what the architect in question is like to work with.  

Think about your long term plans – Last but not least, some people think in the “here and  now” when it comes to custom home building and don’t always consider the future. However,  when you are building your dream home, it is likely that this is going to be your property for life,  and so you need to make sure that it will accommodate any of your future plans. Is there a  chance that you may start a family in the future, for example? Do you have desires of working  from home? Do you need built in bunks for additional sleeping space or for the grandkids?  

Choose strong building materials – When it comes this we can help out. Graben Homes is  very experienced in building with ICF (insulated concrete forms). This ICF method can save  homeowners an average of 50-80% on heating and cooling costs and can sustain winds up to  200 mph. While more costly upfront than going with traditional wood or concrete block walls  homeowners feel more secure and safe with the ICF option and often find the strength and  energy efficient savings to outweigh the initial costs. A geothermal system is also a good option  as it uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground and passes this through a traditional  duct system which can heat water, buildings and can generate electricity. Often homeowners  can receive energy tax credits and so much savings over time that they will recoup the costs  spent to install an energy efficient Geothermal system. Another good option for energy  efficiency is solar power.  

Our team at Graben Homes can guide you through the process to help you to decide on the  right choices for your new home.  

As to the cost, Graben Homes will often give you a “stipulated sum” price so you know up front  the cost of building your new home. The other option is “cost plus” which is just a guess and  doesn’t adequately reflect all of the costs associated with building a new home. Our clients  benefit more by the “stipulated sum” method so they can plan and budget for their new home  project which in turn gives them a confidant and enjoyable building experience.  

If you follow the advice that has been provided, you can give yourself the greatest chance of  achieving success. While careful planning is important along the way, remember that all the  hard work will end in great results!