December 13, 2022

5 Timeless and Unique Design Ideas for Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home requires a lot of planning and perfect execution. Considering the design, functionality, and customizations is important for new construction homes in Panama City, FL. But, with the never-ending options to choose from and planning & managing different variables, building a custom home is not child’s play. You may have to stay on your toes to ensure everything is done perfectly. However, it feels great to have a home with highly-personalized features reflecting your personality and preferences. So, if you are also planning to build the home of your dreams, you must have an effective plan and some unique ideas. 

Continue reading this blog post to learn more about custom homes and how you can create a perfect plan for your dream home – 

What is a Custom Home? 

A custom home is designed according to the needs, plot, size, lifestyle, and budget of a particular client. It is a better option than buying a ready-to-move house because you get a house that meets your requirements and expectation. You can hire a custom home builder who’ll help you create a plan and design layout, number of rooms, floors, and features as per your needs.  

Top Custom Home Design Ideas

Below we have shared some amazing ideas for your custom home – 

  • Home Office Space

After the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, remote work or hybrid work culture has gained immense popularity. So, it is wise to keep a space for work station at home. You can use it for your office work, and kids can use the same for their online classes.  

  • Excess Storage Space 

We all need a lot of storage space in our homes, right? Even after having closets and cabinets, the storage space feels limited. So, you can discuss your needs with your custom home builder to add excess storage space to your custom home. It will make your home look organized. 

  • Entertainment Space

A custom home is all about building a space where you can have a happy time with your family. So, having a designated space for entertainment can make your home more welcoming. Create a space where you can invite your guests for gatherings and fun times. You can also use that space for family entertainment by making it a theatre room or a bowling alley. 

  • Pet-Washing Station 

If you love animals and you have a furry family member, you must include a pet-washing station in your new custom home design. You have two options – either you can make a dedicated room for pet grooming, or you can make extra space for pet washing in your bathroom. Your pet-washing room should have dispensers for shampoo & conditioners, a blow dryer, and cabinets for treats and toys.  

  • Use Free Space Under Stairs 

In most houses, the space under the stairs is a waste of space. But if you are planning for a custom home, you must avoid this mistake and plan accordingly. You can use it as a storage space, office space, or a little playroom for the kids. 

The Final Word 

Building a custom home is exciting. So, keep the ideas listed above in mindand prepare a wonderful plan for your new custom home. Moreover, when looking for a custom home builder in Destin, FL, you can contact Graben Homes. We can help you create a home that reflects your family’s history, culture, and personal needs. So, if you need professional help to build your dream home representing you and your family, feel free to reach our professional team. Contact us at 850 235 3245 now!