Since 1983, Panama City and Panama City Beach, Florida residents have turned to Graben Construction for beautifully crafted houses. With a strong attention to detail and high quality construction, this Panama City Beach company excels in both designing and building beautiful custom homes. When you choose to build with them, you have chosen not just to build a place to live, but also a piece of custom art to reflect your family's personality. Graben's Homes have been proudly featured in various global magazines, click below:



Many of the custom homes built by Graben Construction have won awards. You can find samples of the unique and masterfully built Graben homes in Panama City, Destin, along 30A, and elsewhere in Florida. For building your dream home, choose Graben to create a magnificent piece of art that reflects your family's needs and wants. Once you tour one of the other exceptional residences, you will want Graben for your contractor.

Custom Home Builder Panama City Beach, Destin General Contractor, Home Builder 30a

  • Distinctive & Unique

    One-of-a-kind.  Like you!

    The custom homes built by Graben Construction are distinctive and unique. The partnership of Nathan and Heidi Graben provides clients assistance on building and decorating homes, both for the exterior and interior. Nathan concentrates on the exterior of the home, building masterpieces of work. Heidi works with you to create a gorgeous interior design so that the interior of your home is just as unique and beautiful as the outside. Not many construction companies offer such detail to the interior in addition to the exterior, as you often have to outsource any interior design. With a Graben home, you can have an exterior and interior truly custom made for each other.

  • Worry Free Construction

    Peace of Mind. We got this.

    You can rely on the work by the Graben team. With over thirty years of work as a builder and contractor, Nathan leads a team of highly talented craftsmen that specializes in creating dream homes. Instead of looking around Panama City and all of Florida for a home that suffices, opt to build the home you have always wanted. The team will work with you to create the structure that you want, including any special rooms that you need like an office, library, theatre or media room, mother in law quarters or exercise space. You will have input on the creation of both the interior and exterior of the house while greatly benefiting from the expertise and advice of experts.

  • Great Materials

    Better than the Best.

    The structures built by Graben Construction use only the finest and most luxurious features and materials. With a master builder and contractor leading the team of master craftsmen, the materials always match the masterwork on the amazing dream houses. The Graben team utilizes a large network of reputable companies to source their materials, so you can rely on your home not only looking great, but lasting long even in the tough climate of Florida. Every attention to detail is taken into account while building, so the Graben team carefully chooses every faucet, handle, hardware, and any other necessary material and features.

  • Earth Friendly

    Take some. Give more.

    With Graben Construction, not only can you create an abode to reflect your personality and desires, you can also be kind to the earth. Whether you are building in Panama City, Destin, along route 30A, or anywhere else in Florida, you can have a green building that utilizes the best technology and highest standards of energy efficiency, renewable resources, and other materials. Not only will you be the envy of the neighbors with your beautiful, unique home, you will also use less money on your energy and water bills.

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