Designing and building a commercial building is much different than it is for a residential structure. A commercial contractor must be familiar with zoning ordinances, safety codes and much more when planning one of these buildings. In the 30A area of Florida, Graben Construction is a leader in providing cost-effective, safe and functional buildings that are capable of suiting a variety of needs.


About our Company


Graben Construction is a residential and commercial contractor located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Since 1983, we have been pleasing customers throughout the 30A area of Florida, which is the stretch of highway that extends from Destin to Panama City. During that time, we have developed a reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail, and we continue to prove ourselves worthy with every job we finish. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed when you partner with us, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers who will gladly attest to that.


Quality Workmanship


Quality workmanship is especially important when building commercial structures. Graben construction is a commercial general contractor who never cuts corners in order to finish a job quickly. As such, you can be sure your building will be sturdy enough for whatever purpose you have in mind for it. Whether it’s a hotel or a small office building, we ensure every detail is done exactly right from start to finish.


Top-notch Materials


Another thing that affects the quality of your building is the type of materials used to construct it with. When you hire us as your commercial general contractor, you can take comfort in knowing that only the best products will be used in the construction of your building. We carefully choose every last product, to include hardware, faucets and other fixtures. As such, your building will be top-notch, simply because it consists of the very best components available on the market. Using the best materials is more affordable than you think, as we have a large network of suppliers from which to choose, and can obtain them at the best cost possible.


Environmentally Friendly


Not only do we use the best building materials, but we also source “green” materials whenever we can. We also take care to ensure your new structure is as energy efficient as possible, so that your operating costs will be low whenever you begin occupying your property. This means you can enjoy having the commercial building you’ve always dreamed of, while also ensuring you leave as small a carbon footprint now and in the future.


Experienced and Dedicated


When you hire us as your commercial contractor, you can take comfort in knowing you are getting a dedicated and experienced team to complete your project. We take care of every detail from the planning phase right down to the final inspection. At each stage of the process, we’ll also keep you well informed so that you’ll never have to wonder how things are proceeding. We also make ourselves available for questions, so you can feel free to contact us at any time.

As a General Contractor along Florida’s panhandle, we take pride in our reputation for excellence.

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